MERC is supported by degreed professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. They know how to efficiently analyze, summarize and excerpt medical records and legal documents to glean exactly what the consultant needs to perform his analysis.

Our Nurse Analysts are at least Registered Nurses with Bachelor of Science Degrees in nursing and have worked as critical care nurses in the Emergency Room and Critical Care units in major hospitals. They have worked with Dr. Smith for more than 20 years and each knows what to extract from the many pages of medical records sent to us on each case to get Dr. Smith what he needs.

MERC's paralegal staff has years of experience in both law offices and the consulting field and can effectively identify the legal issue(s) of each case. Doing so allows them to efficiently excerpt and summarize pertinent legal documents thereby keeping down the cost of analyzing what is often voluminous legal documents.

We have on staff a degreed, experienced, Medical Illustrator who, in concert with the consultant, can effectively highlight the kinematics of a particular movement pattern that resulted in the injury(ies) at hand. He is also an experienced animator who can create animations depicting in detail the sequence of events in any particular incident.

Leading the team is our Executive Assistant who has worked with Dr. Smith for 25 years. She knows what his needs are and more importantly the needs of our clients who can count on her to be knowledgeable, available and responsive to deadlines of the courts. She is the friendly, gentle voice of MERC.